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W256 and new rubber arms in the logo version. The well-known W48, W49 and W62 front-rear and front-side position lamps are now available in the logo version, along with the new series W256 in a completely new size and in 3 variants of lenses: transparent, coloured and neon.
Two in One: License plate frame and lamp? Only at PTS WAŚ! Reflectors and lights: license plate lighting, brake lights, reversing lights and work lights, they are just the beginning, soon 14 new variants are coming.
The new W255 lamp series in a completely new design with neon-effect light. Front, rear and side position lamps, also available with side indicator light, as well as front/rear and front/rear/side marker lamps.
New position/side marker lamps W254 Compact side position/marker lamps and front and rear position/marker lamps with reflective device, plus a version with a side direction light.
Multifunctional rear lamps W247 & W248 & W249 it is possible to custom order lamps with your own light pattern underneath the reflective device - ask your sales representative for further details

The WAŚ Company

The WAŚ Company is located in Poland’s fastest growing sub-region, Lower Silesia, and specialises in manufacturing lamps and retro-reflectors used in the automotive industry. We have been on the market since 1979, constantly developing our manufacturing processes and products we offer. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology in the industry so that we can provide innovative solutions for automotive lighting. We combine innovation with environmental awareness, attention to new trends and a thorough analysis of our customers' needs.

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Including more than 5424 lamps which are available in many variants

Warning lamps

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Position lamps / clearance lights

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Reflective devices

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Interior lights

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Licence plate lights

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Driving, fog and DRL lamps

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Single-functional front and rear lamps

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Multifunctional rear lamps

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Multifunctional front lamps

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Work lamps

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Other accessories

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Lamps in accordance with ADR requirements

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All lamps/search lamp

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What makes our offer unique

When choosing a business partner, you are interested in future cooperation. There are many factors which influence partner relations within businesses. Quality should not only be limited to the products that are offered, but experience, work culture and partners’ reviews are equally important. This policy enables us to build long-term relationships.

44 lat doświadczenia

44 years of experience

As a family business, we have developed our skills over many years. We have a highly-skilled workforce of more than 300 people who work exceptionally well together as a team.

37 lat doświadczenia

Manufacturing in Poland

Our products are fully manufactured in Poland and we are the innovators of all our lighting solutions.

37 lat doświadczenia


Almost every year, our products receive numerous awards and distinctions for their contribution to innovation in the industry.

37 lat doświadczenia


Our products are subjected to a wide range of endurance and performance tests as early as at the prototype stage.

Our lamps on all 6 continents

Our products are officially available on 6 continents but we are continuing to expand our customer base. We want our products to be available in every corner of the world. We inspire to become a global brand.

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We announce that WAS do not sell in retail!
So we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and place an order with your nearest distributor of our company.


In order to set up an account, please contact a salesperson!



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