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PTS WAŚ Józef i Leszek Waś S.J. specialises in manufacturing lamps and retro-reflecting devices used in the automotive industry. We have been on the market since 1979, constantly developing our product range and manufacturing processes. We use the industry’s most advanced technologies, thanks to which we can offer solutions of the highest class in the field of lighting for the automotive industry. We combine innovation with eco-friendliness and openness to new trends with thorough analysis of our clients’ needs.

The company is located in Godzikowice near Oława, the fastest developing sub region of Lower Silesia. This is where our experienced and ever-developing team works on our products, which have also been valued for many years on foreign markets. We have exported our lamps to almost every country in the world.

Taking care of the highest quality of the products offered by WAŚ, we base our production process on innovative methods and the best quality materials. We have at our disposal a most state of the art machine park and our own photometric laboratory, which allows as to check the parameters of each lamp we produce.

The high standards applied in our company, within the scope of the design, manufacturing and sale of car lamps, retro-reflecting devices and other plastic products, are confirmed by the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001; and the Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

Numerous distinctions and awards such as sixteen gold medals from the International Automotive Trade Fair in Poznań and our most recent awards: Company of the 25th anniversary of the III Republic of Poland and Golden Consumer’s Choice Medal 2015 are testament to our innovativeness and competitiveness.

There is a friendly, family-like atmosphere in WAŚ. While encouraging continual and dynamic growth, we maintain traditional and timeless values. Despite having a strong position on the market, we keep improving our product range with use of new technologies and through investing in our staff’s skills and knowledge.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Certyfikat ISO 9001 | ISO 14001
We announce that WAS do not sell in retail!
So we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and place an order with your nearest distributor of our company.
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