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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions of our customers. We gathered them all in one place so as to facilitate your search for answers.

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WAŚ company does not deal with retail sales of their products, and therefore they does not publish the retail prices of their products on the site. As regards the availability and price of specific lamps, please refer directly to the nearest distributor.
WAŚ company does not sell its products online. Online orders can only be submitted by the companies that are partners who have already signed a cooperation agreement.
The WAŚ company produces several daytime driving lamps or braking lamps (eg. 243, 271, 146 or 147), which can be used in passenger cars. As with all lamps manufactured by us they have the adequate homologations, however they are versatile lamps, for which we does not specify the types and models of vehicles to which they fit. We remind also that we do not run the retail sale of lamps. Therefore, we cordially invite to the network of our direct distributors.
WAŚ company does not sell the LED bulbs.
WAŚ company does not provide services related to the design and implementation of lamps in unit production.
WAŚ company has a wide range of vans and lorries, and at the same time cooperated with several forwarding networks, which allows them to deliver ordered goods in a minimum time needed to realize the order.
WAŚ company does not sell plastics.
Depending on the model we use different cable types and lengths.
LGYS cable (separate conductors). Usually 24 cm long, used in clearance marker lamps - standard cable, or a two-conductor cable in an additional casing, on customer's request.
YLYS cable (multicore cable in a casing). Usually 2 m long, used in multifunction combination lamps
Jaeger cable with CLICK-IN connector. (on request). Possible lengths: 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 1.5 m.
Lamps are normally without connectors. Lamps with the following connectors can be supplied on request: TYCO, SCHLEMMER, CLICK IN, SUPERSEAL.
Typically, incandescent lamps do not have cables. LED and hybrid lamps have cables.
All external lamps have been awarded E20 approval, which means they can be used legally on the roads all over Europe.
This is not possible because we are unable to change the lamps’ moulds.
Of course, this is possible.
No, we don’t.
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We announce that WAS do not sell in retail!
So we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and place an order with your nearest distributor of our company.
In order to set up an account, please contact a salesperson!



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